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Successful leaders know that planning is the key to progress and growth. Without a plan, businesses can become trapped in a cycle of putting out fires leading to stagnation of growth, loss of relevance to their customers and the organisation never realising it’s true potential.

The development of successful Strategic Plans requires a 360 degree scan both internally and externally to enable mapping from the current point to the desired arrival point in the future.

The successful implementation of Strategic Plans requires translation into tactical implementation plans to enable operational teams to have a tangible roadmap of actionable steps. Without them, there is a disconnect between management and the workforce, leaving your Strategic Plans in a ‘wish list’ status.

We offer facilitation from Strategic Planning to Tactical Implementation Plans and (if required) Project Plans to help your business deliver your vision for the future. 

Phase I - Strategic planning workshops

These are used to identify the appropriate strategy in the current market climate to realise the potential of your business. Includes ‘Market Scan’ exercise and current business capability assessment.

Phase II - Tactical planning workshops 

Where we translate your vision and strategy into actionable tasks and milestones to enable your operational teams to deliver your strategic goals.

Phase III – Dashboard development 

Used to provide the organisation with visibility of progress against milestones and key result areas.

Optional - Project planning workshops to identify actionable steps, milestones, timings, dependencies and risk for key projects necessary for the delivery of your strategic plan.

Recommended - Risk management workshops to identify any obstacles or risks to the successful implementation of your plans and plan the appropriate mitigation of the risks.

Recommended - Dependency workshops to identify and map dependencies on both internal departments and external organisations (or factors) to identify potential obstacles and allow for appropriate alterations to enable the delivery of your strategic plan.

Recommended - Accountability Coaching across all levels of your business (Board, Executive Management, Senior Management, Operational Management, Project Management and business team members) to track the delivery of your strategic plan, tactical plans and supporting projects.

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