Visual Metrics

Australian Council of Social Service Budget Analysis

Job done on spec

The challenge

ACOSS released their annual Australian Federal budget analysis and how they perceived it would affect different demographics across Australia. Their paper was technical and academic, we took the job on spec to show how this could be broken down into simpler and more shareable content with extremely fast turn arounds. 

Our Approach

The ACOSS report was released in the afternoon post the budget announcement. We immediately began work in our Sydney office before handing over to the Visual Metrics London team. This resulted in us being able to deliver by 9am Sydney time the following morning. 

We recreated the white paper as a more visually appealing document with an infographic synopsis using the visual language of different knife sizes to reinforce where the budget cuts were happening and their respective sizes. We also created a concept for a microsite where people could enter some basic data about themselves to then receive a personalised digital infographic outlining how the budget would affect them. This was to be created with social media and shareable content in mind. 

The Solution

Visual Metrics demonstrated a way where with no touch from the client, we could take a piece of academic content and repurpose it for multiple audiences across different mediums. We were proud of our speed at which we could work here as an international team and our concepts in personalised and tailored content which was easily shareable.