Visual Metrics

Compare My Council

The challenge

New South Wales (NSW) was debating whether or not an amalgamation of the councils was in the interest of the constituents. It is a complex debate with numerous metrics which could contribute to a well-managed council vs a poorly managed one. NSW wanted a way in which to compare the different communities visually and clearly, before any amalgamations took place, so that they could track progress and determine the existence or value of any benefits.

The approach

Visual Metrics explored budgets per constituent and what was delivered by each council. It was necessary to establish a standardised format for comparison, so a series of data sets were created which could accurately gather data and compare the different councils to each other – before and after. It was then decided that the best approach would be through a live and interactive website, with an annual report.

The result

The conceptual work in Compare My Council resulted in a brand identity, a new set of metrics that allow for easy comparison between councils – where their own varying reporting structures made it difficult to clearly see what each did and at what price. Finally, a conceptual annual report was developed, which showed the progress of the amalgamation and the relative successes versus areas for improvement.