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UNSW NSW Dept of Industry BBIP TechConnect

Connecting Australian businesses with academic researchers to create innovation.

Creating the future of technology

UNSW's TechConnect is a unique program out of UNSW, focused on the commercialisation of research and connecting academics with SME businesses in NSW. Funded by the NSW Department of Industry and working to the KPIs of community and regional outreach, creating jobs and RoI for NSW and producing stronger collaboration between industry and research, we worked with the University and Government to create engagement programs and processes around this. 

Brand Identity and Collateral

TechConnect needed a brand architecture that fit within UNSW and the Department of Industry and was strong enough to stand up alone and have programs branded underneath it. The brand identity created included a suite of print and digital materials, which can be easily updated and adjusted as the program grows and adapts.   

TechConnect's successes to date

Over the past 12 months, TechConnect has delivered over 20 training programs, forums and networking events for hundreds of SMEs and innovators. They have provided subsidised research and support to over 30 businesses and generated over five new jobs. Since updating the website and customer engagement flows, there has been a quadrupling in enquiries. 

photo of a group of researchers working on a robot during a unsw event
image showing the UNSW Techconnect website and branding

​Creating innovation through collaboration, some of the engagement programs Visual Metrics helped design and run include:​


FlashBuild Programs provide a premium opportunity for community engagement, simulating new business opportunities, fostering collaborative relationships and generating positive media and public relations.


Working with industry and researchers to establish where they require support in working together and commercialising research, TechConnect created a selection of short courses intended to assist during the different stages of innovation. These workshops are run by industry and UNSW staff and have been continuously booked out to date. 


The innovative card game was designed with the aim to get conversations started on the implementation of current and emerging trends and technologies targeted at achieving higher levels of innovation, while highlighting the fact that innovation can happen in any industry.

Photo of a group of farmers, researchers, and developers tinkering on a hardware project during a farmconnect event
Photo of farmers, researchers, and developers working together during a farmconnect event
Team photo of a farmconnect startup Photo of a farmconnect developer
Image of a techconnect workshop with a room full of attendees
Images of a techconnect workshop showing people collaboratin, tinkering and drawing solutions on a whiteboard
Image showing the front and back of some techcards
photo showing people playing with techcards