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ERM - Smart Energy Program

ERM - Smart Energy Program

An initiative to help schools manage energy and costs


ERM Power designed a campaign to roll out to a group of QLD public schools, to educate them on peak pricing models and how to audit the school to ensure best practices were followed and energy efficient equipment was installed. With limited touch points, we needed to design engaging material that would be actioned by time poor principals who had not volunteered for the program.


Starting with an EDM that clearly stated the value proposition and next steps, we created a suite of assets including an explainer video, microsite, live time energy usage dashboards and easy to follow audit packs, fact sheets and checklists. We worked with ERM Power to ensure the maximum value and information could be passed on with minimum time investment from the school partners. We designed both print and digital assets to maximise impact in an economical way.


The entire program needed to be designed and delivered within one month. Within this short roll out time, we were able to achieve an average drop of 10% of energy usage per school. This was managed through a campaign which was focused on the school principal and their deputies only.