Visual Metrics

Our clients call on us to help them get clear about what to do next. Visual Metrics helps organizations to think and act more strategically at the intersection between design, technology and business. The result: Products, services, processes and propositions that are innovative, distinctive and relevant.

Since its inception, Visual Metrics has pioneered Innovation Programs for universities, corporations and government, supporting researchers, inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs to conceive, launch and scale solutions.

What visual metrics will do

What visual metrics will do

We investigate people’s contexts, attitudes and needs to create new products, services and experiences.

We help clients to identify clear goals and align the organization around those goals.

We examine the competitive landscape through different lenses to figure out where to play and insights into winning.

We help make sense of change and build a point of view on the future by analysing trends and consulting experts. We develop frameworks, processes and communication tools to make strategies tangible and embed them within organisations.

We provide the tools that build university-industry linkages to develop competitive advantage and improve business performance.


For organisations:

Your company will gain clarity to think and act more strategically.

You and your team will get an inspirational vision of the future to focus your organization efforts on a common and compelling purpose.

You will get a simple, distinctive and credible customer proposition that offers value to your company, customers and partners. You will get capabilities building and plan for products that are more meaningful, usable and scalable.

You will improve business performance by developing new techniques or technologies, de-risk investment in research, and extending expertise available to the firm.

When strategies change, we help to embed new management structures and cohesive internal design culture.

For academics:

You will have the opportunity to address challenging research questions with real-world applications, seeing your research has tangible impacts. You will gain access to new skills, data and equipment.

Clients often come to us in the need of

Clients often come to us in the need of

  • Framing workshops
  • Opportunity frameworks
  • Consumer models
  • Market studies
  • New business concepts
  • Value propositions
  • Brand-identity design
  • Process scaling
  • Talent strategy
  • Collaborative research
  • Co-patenting
  • Academic spinoffs
  • Hackathons