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Strategy & Innovation Programs

Client and stakeholder driven design research to improve and optimise client experience. Rapid gain insights and define problems and build consensus and approval for solutions.

What we do

Innovative enterprises are organised around multidisciplinary, lean teams that are laser focused on knowing their clients and delivering new digital products and services in a test-and-learn mode to deliver value add for your clients.

We use our trusted innovation framework to help organisations deliver client and stakeholder driven products and services with higher quality and greater client experience. Our model enables clients to rapidly build lean teams to validate emerging business ideas before committing to costly programs.

The framework for innovation outlines four core principles for problem-solvers to adopt so that they can work as effectively as possible.

  • Put people first. Start with an understanding of the people using a service, their needs, strengths and aspirations.
  • Communicate visually and inclusively. Help people gain a shared understanding of the problem and ideas.
  • Collaborate and co-create. Work together and get inspired by what others are doing.
  • Iterate, iterate, iterate. Do this to spot errors early, avoid risk and build confidence in your ideas.

Corporate Innovation and Commercialising Research

Innovating in the corporate landscape is kind of like riding your bicycle across a minefield; doing it successfully requires planning, skill, and luck.

But instead of landmines, what awaits a corporate innovator in a traditional, large organisation is cultural inertia by way of entrenched values, processes, and systems that ultimately sabotage their good intentions.

We empower, coach and advise your business and client-serving teams to unlock the potential by “designing the right thing and designing things right” through our interactive and customisable innovation programs.