Visual Metrics

Great digital products don’t suddenly appear out of nowhere. In fact, they are sophisticated artifacts that have successfully grown into great products after a careful product discovery process. They are delightful experiences, easy to use, and beautiful to look at, providing outstanding value to its users.

What Visual Metrics will do

What Visual Metrics will do

Visual Metrics will work with your team to produce world-class digital products and services.

We use workshops, interviews and data reviews to understand the current state, define clear goals and understand user needs.

Our agile development process, requirements, plans and results are evaluated constantly, delivering small but consumable increments during the whole journey.

Your outcome

Your users will have a better, simpler, delightful experience based on their needs.

Your team will be informed during the whole product evolution, ensuring it progresses in security, quality, performance and pricing.

You will experience a revenue-generating potential on your products and services / You will see where your products are and what you’ve achieved after

You will have a clear view of how to evolve and scale after product launch.

Your outcome
Clients often come to us in the need for

Clients often come to us in the need for

  • Service design
  • Process Digitisation
  • Phygital Experiences
  • Web & App Design
  • UX Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Writing & Editing
    • Front-End Dev
    • User Testing
    • User Interviews
    • Analytics & Data