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Using brand architecture as a form of collaboration between government and 12 x universities

NSW Government - Boosting Business Innovation program

The Challenge

The Boosting Business Innovation Program required a brand identity and asset pack which resonated with it's academic and business partners. The identity needed to align with the NSW Government guidelines but remain unique, engaging and fit for purpose.

Our Approach

A considerable amount of time was spent on brand architecture, understanding the partners and creating a matrix which could easily be swapped and changed contingent on which partners were involved in a project. We knew we were working with teams without designers in house, so where possible created assets that were editable using Microsoft Office without compromising the quality of the design.

The Result

12 x individual brand packs for NSW Government and the 11 BBIP members. With assets for case studies, presentations, signage, way-finding, brochures, social media and EDM's that could be implemented quickly by non-technical program managers.