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How to use a web build as the catalyst of digital transformation in government

Utilising NSW Digital Design System from end to end

The Challenge

The NSW Public Service needed a new site. They knew the site's users were finding it hard to locate information and that many pages were written by employees long since left the organisation and now with no ownership to monitor them. They also knew much of the content was not written for web and was hard to digest but would be far too much work for the comms team to rewrite on their own. 

What VM did

We conducted a series of workshops with the PSC Comms team to establish project goals and users needs. We paired this with the NSW Digital Design System so that every decision was data driven and had the organisations buy in. This was as much about enablement as delivering a world class site. We ensured that the processes were repeatable and teachable once we were gone.  We helped build out the current site map and work with the teams to reduce overall number of pages by over 40%. By running pair writing workshops, we involved the entire department in the creating clear, cohesive content in on a singular voice. 

What PSC achieved

We made the Public Service Commission a digital first organisation - with clear and accessible content managed by 12 teams in a cohesive and manageable way.   We built this site and its 4 satellite site on the latest version of Drupal 9 and delivered it to the highest WCAG 2.0 standard and with custom Google Analytics dashboards to show just how well the site achieves its goals and objectives.