Visual Metrics
Queensland Urban Utilities

Queensland Urban Utilities

Work Health and Safety e-Learning and Engagement Project

The challenge

Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU), a Fortune 100 most innovative Australian company, engaged Visual Metrics to create engaging work health and safety training material. The project is ongoing and involves a series of videos and the digitisation of their safety boards.

Our approach

Spending time on-site with QUU, we gathered information on their key messages for each of their different processes, as well as data surrounding their stakeholders’ information consumption patterns.

We worked off 3-4 documents at a time to create scripts, and also produced bespoke characters and a style consistent with the QUU brand. From here, we were able to create cohesive and easy-to-understand e-learning materials, which would help to increase engagement with the resources.

The result

The Visual Metrics suite of e-learning materials were integrated into the Queensland Urban Utilities' intranet, with agile visual indices and short video bursts included. Further to this, the videos were used as quick refreshers for existing employees or training for new hires, before embarking on any procedure they covered.

As a result, QUU was able to benefit from increased efficiencies, economies of scale and an improved safety culture.


Visual Metrics have done a great job in making our refresher video series. Their attention to detail in condensing 30+ page standard operating procedures into succinct short videos and infographics has been great. Their end to end approach meant we could concentrate on the final 5% of personalisation while they handled the rest.

Tom Foster, Work Health and Safety Manager at Queensland Urban Utilities