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Commercialising University IP through Industry Partnerships

Quadrupling connections between academic researchers and industry to foster innovation in NSW

The Problem

UNSW approached VM to create a brand identity for TechConnect, design and run the engagement and collaboration programs between University, Government and Industry and provide with marketing collaterals to communicate the program on a national scale.

What VM did

  • We built a brand architecture that fit within UNSW and the Department architecture and holds sub-brands within the program.

  • We created a dynamic visual identity that appeals both University and Government and is flexible to adapt to the program expansion

  • We provided UNSW with visual guidelines, marketing tools, printed materials and a new website.

  • We helped UNSW to design and run the engagement programs between industry and researchers, including FlashBuilds and enabled workshops.

  • We created tracking and innovation mapping tools to track success and scale it

What TechConnect achieved:

  • Over 12 months running TechConnect we seeded the creation of over 20 training programs, 5 x forum stalls and 2 x signature flash builds in agriculture and space industries

  • The programs provided subsidised research and support to over 30 businesses and generated approximately 50 new jobs to the NSW economy in just one year

  • We provided with a strong, flexible and effective visual identity, as well as marketing tools, website, digital assets and communication pieces, that can be used consistently by teams and adapted to the program growth