Visual Metrics


Corporate Dashboard and The Green Clock carbon counter

The challenge

Phebra had recently moved premises and invested in energy saving technologies and state of the art manufacturing technologies. They wanted a way to showcase their status as a Sydney based manufacturer of critical medicine whilst also presenting their corporate social responsibility credential.

Our approach

Visual Metrics reviewed Phebra on a holistic level and mapped out a visual dashboard which could explain to both employees and the public what the company does.

We created the concept of the Green Clock, measuring Phebra’s carbon output in live time and benchmarking it against itself 12 months before, as well as with its competitors. We reviewed the audiences and came up with ways to integrate these messages in physical, digital and printed mediums.

The result

Visual Metrics designed and created low energy dashboards out of metal and touch screens in an end-to-end process. Using the Internet Of Things (IOT) and API’s we connected to energy consumption and married them with our own in-house calculators. By approaching the issue holistically we made a media plan that included KPI’s and design for an annual CSR report.