Visual Metrics

Safety Dashboards and Reports

“Visual Metrics’ dashboard solutions can be used to present data in interactive and visually appealing ways. Our dashboards can be delivered digitally, via print or installed on-site – they will be customised to suit your needs.”

How it works

We work with you to pull your data from anywhere you have it housed, whether that be in Salesforce or other CRMs and databases, your customer experience platforms, your apps or even from Excel files and reports. We can pull this data in one go or integrate it with an API to transfer the data continuously, in real-time.

Once we have the data, we will do all of the cleaning, coding and analysis before we work on how best to visualise and present the data according to your requirements and what metrics are most critical for your business. From here, we tell your data story in your chosen dashboard format.


The applications of Visual Metrics’ dashboard solutions have been far-reaching, both internally and externally, for our client’s organisations. We deliver in print, digital and our innovative touch screens.

We have helped clients improve visibility, generate deeper insights, foster ongoing improvements within the business, save time, increase efficiency, judge performance against plan, improve employee performance, and increase customer satisfaction!

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