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The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

The Microtia Clinic Brand Identity and Patient Journey

The Challenge

Visual Metrics was engaged by Dr John Vandervord and Dr Jack Zoumaras from The Children’s Hospital at Westmead for The Microtia Clinic.

The Microtia Clinic required a new brand identity, as well as a simplified way in which to communicate their scope of responsibility to a toddler-aged audience and their family.

Our Approach

Visual Metrics created a full brand identity, website, technical information documents and videos.

In order to scope out the full process, and create easy-to-understand content which would be complimentary to the patient and their families' visits to each specialist, we spoke with a number of experts, ranging from Paediatricians to Social Workers, Patient Educators, Audiologists, ENT Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons. We created a digital knowledge hub and media that could be consumed in the waiting rooms prior to meeting with their specialist.

The Result

Patients and their families arrived at their consultations informed about their condition and patient journey on a macro-level and were ready to discuss their cases on an individual level.

Clinicians reported a great saving in time, as they didn't have to spend as much time explaining how the patient would hear again and how ear reconstructive surgery takes place.

Having my patients and their parents watch the series of videos before meeting with me has significantly saved me time. Dr John Vandervord