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UnityWeb Tech App


The challenge

Traditionally, smash repairers are not big on using technology, preferring to rely on pen and paper and their hands to get the job done. We needed a simple app which users could start using en masse without training.

Our Approach

To get the UI/UX right, we spent a lot of time understanding who our user was and what they do. We broke the pages down into one-click process decisions and tested how people interacted with them.

The Result

All our users on-board themselves without training due to how simple it is. This app has been integral in reducing job times from an average of 5 days to 3 days and engaging the workforce to work efficiently, sticking to process’ set out by the UnityWeb system.

The Testimonial

The tech app is simple and loved by the entire team. It shows them what they need to do and by when and how much the job is worth. Digitising this process has saved us many management hours and tracing time.

Gavin Stuart, CEO of UnityWeb