Visual Metrics
Your Financial Partner

Your Financial Partner

Digitising the financial planning and education industry

The Challenge

The growing range of financial products available, changes in demography, and increases in consumer responsibility for superannuation decisions and retirement incomes have all increased the importance of having sound financial literacy skills – but we don’t learn about managing your finances in high school schools or in universities or workplaces.

Your Financial Partner aim was to develop an online engagement platform that would help Australian individuals and households make more informed decisions relating to events that affect their financial future by helping them better manage their personal finances, achieve financial security and generate wealth. For the client, this would allow them to understand more about their clients financial planning needs.

Our Approach

Our previous experience and research highlighted that for an online engagement platform to be successful, it needs to be customisable to each individual’s specific circumstance. Visual Metrics proposed the creation of a gamified user experience that would allow a user to input information in a fun and visually appealing way. This information would then be stored in the client’s backend CRM and used to determine what content was relevant for the circumstances.

The Result

Our unique approach to information capture, e-learning and dashboard design has been heralded as the new standard in online financial education. The solution has been adopted by a number of large corporate clients as well as financial institutions with a national footprint.