Visual Metrics

Account-based Marketing

Account-based Marketing can be a complex yet lucrative strategy for high value account penetration. The benefits of this approach include increases in deal sizes, shortened sales cycles and better Sales & Marketing alignment.

What we do

The difficulty in deploying an Account-based Marketing (ABM) Strategy is having to balance the complexities of working with multiple third-party research suppliers, different agencies for digital and event execution, and then also having to operationalise your research, conduct relationship mapping exercises, ensure optimum stakeholder engagement as well as generate content assets and reports.

We wanted to provide you with a comprehensive ABM solution where you could rely on us for all the heavy lifting. We manage the entire process end-to-end, from account identification and validation, right through to the post-program reporting stages.

Take a look at the diagram below for an overview of the full Visual Metrics ABM model.

The Visual Metrics Account-based Marketing process